Roxana Matracaru



Orthodontics and Dental Care

Hi, I am Roxana. I am a dentist specialised in the study and treatment of misalignment of teeth.

My background in dentistry made me think differently about orthodontic treatment. I am now focused on functionality, stability and esthetics. That is why I propose to my patients - kids, teenagers and adults alike - a variety of  treatment possibilities: from clasic metalic braces ( who doesn’t want to play with colorful elastics?!) to « invisible » golden braces ( hidden on the inside, from the courious eyes), from sapphire ones ( if your smartphone has integrated sapphire who’s to say you can’t have it too?) to clear aligners ( all the perks of having straight teeth with confortable, fast, invisible Invisalign treatment). I make use of functional, mobile and fixed appliances to achieve the oh-so-wanted-smile and the good function of your teeth! 


Congratulations on exploring orthodontic treatment! I look forward to guide you through your journey!